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L / cardboard christmas tree

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This is alternative way to have a christmas tree – without killing any in the wood. The tree is made of 100% natural recycled cardboard. You can easily take it to 6 pieces and store it flat under the bed or whenever without using much space. Put it back together in next Christmas and have stylish and modern holiday feeling at home!
Height 1.35 m, width approx. 75 cm. 

Don´t put it near open fire and/or candles. Avoid contact with greasy surfaces, it might leave stains on the cardboard. You can add electric lighting to make it more beautiful and glowing in the dark.

NB! Trees are made from recycled cardboard. It means that there are some texts and symbols printed on one side of the cardboard detail. One detail of the tree may have white sticker with texts on it on one side.

The tree is made using laser-cut technique. This technique leaves behind a slightly darkened edges and a light smokey scent. The smell will quickly dissipate after the package is opened and product airs out a bit.

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