Few words about who and what

The story behind the trees

Once upon a time there lived a tiny tree in the forest. He dreamed about becoming a christmas tree one day when he grows up... But, as it happens in life sometimes, things won't go as dreamed. Instead of a christmas tree, our tree found himself being transformed into a cardboard box. He spent his days carrying plastic granules from one factory to another... Not a very shiny life, he thought sadly. Then, one day on the half way to waste ground, when he thought his days were over, everything suddenly changed.

His dream came true. He did became a christmas tree. And not only a christmas tree, but recycled cardboard one!

And of course in the end there were lots of happy children playing and dancing around their trendy cardboard christmas tree! And everybody was so happy. Hurray!



My name is Kristi and I am that girl with glasses behind the Handle With Care. I am a graphic designer-manager-multitasker, working in Tallinn. I have a passion for visual art and design, and I am always seeking inspiration from everywhere - nature patterns, city sights, people, animals, things etc.

I love to work with cardboard, because it's natural and stuff made from it simply looks cool. The cardboard I have used in the christmas trees is special - it is recycled. It means that I don't produce any new materials for my creations - which is good for the health of nature. I use material that is already made and lived long before transformed into a christmas tree.

Sustainability and being eco-friendly are very important things to me - and I hope to you too!



Handle with care

One, two, tree...